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DiagnosticsNo one knows your car better than you, right? You drive it every day, and you know all the little ins and outs of your vehicle. So when something is “off,” you most likely notice it right away. Maybe you feel a little engine misfire or your gears slip a little here and there, or worse yet, your check engine light has come on. If something is “off” with your vehicle, chances are you won’t be able to pinpoint the problem yourself, and that is where the pros at RMS Auto Care & Collision in Houston, TX come in. We can run computer diagnostics and easily figure out where the problem lies, and work with you to get it fixed fast.

Computer Diagnostics Houston TX

So you know something is wrong with your vehicle and you bring it in for computer diagnostics, but what actually happens during this process? The experts at RMS Auto Care & Collision connect your vehicle to our state-of-the-art computer diagnostics machine and run a series of tests. These tests are designed to communicate with your car’s computer systems, and when run, return a data set that will let our techs determine where the problems are with your vehicle. These tests can even predict problems that might pop up in the future! When we do determine where the issues are, we will discuss all repairs and costs with you before we ever pick up a wrench. When a problem pops up in your vehicle and you don’t know exactly what the issue is, computer diagnostics from RMS Auto Care & Collision are the answer to your troubles.

Check Engine Light Houston TX

Most drivers know the feeling – you are cruising along and you glance at your dashboard. You see the check engine light has come on and immediately, you go into panic mode. This indicator can be triggered by problems with any number of systems in your car, and it is impossible to determine from the driver’s seat what the issue might be. At that point, you have two choices: You can ignore the warning, risking possible damage and huge repair costs, or you can bring your car in for computer diagnostics at RMS Auto Care & Collision. We can find the problem fast, complete any needed repairs and get you back on the road worry-free.

Diagnostics Near Me

When your car has a problem, you, as the main driver, know it. Instead of ignoring the problem and hoping it will work itself out, bring your car in to RMS Auto Care & Collision and let us run computer diagnostics. We can easily find any problems your car might have, and get them fixed fast. And we back all our work with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, so you know once we find and fix the problems, the work will be done right the first time, every time. So if you have a mystery issue with your vehicle, computer diagnostics from RMS Auto Care in Houston, TX, is the answer. Make an appointment today! We also proudly serve the surrounding communities of River Oaks, Upper Kirby, Midtown, Medical Center, and Montrose.

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