Tire Services, Alignments, & Suspension

Tires, Tire Services, Alignments, & Suspension

Your tires go through a lot and are there for you when you need them, so treat them right. Treat your tires to balancing and rotation at least once every three months or with each oil change. A balance and rotation service allows your tires to wear evenly, which will significantly extend their life. If they are wearing unevenly, that could lead to bald spots, shredding, or cracking of the rubber. All these can lead to needing new tires sooner than later or a possible blowout. If your tires require service or it is time to get new tires, visit RMS Auto Care & Collision in Houston TX, for the best tire services around.

Wheel Alignment Service Houston TX

One other way to keep them from wearing out prematurely is a wheel alignment. A wheel alignment realigns your wheels. There are many reasons your car could be knocked out of alignment, and being out of alignment will also lead to uneven wear and cause the need for new ones sooner than later. Our ASE Certified technicians are here to ensure you get the most out of your tires. So do your wallet and tires a favor and get a wheel alignment from the pros at RMS Auto Care & Collision. The occasional wheel alignment is cheaper than getting new tires.

Suspension Services Houston TX

Here at RMS Auto Care & Collision, we can fix practically any part of your vehicle. This includes your shocks, struts, springs, bushings, bearings, and joints. Yes, that is a lot, but that is only a portion of what we do here. Your suspension system plays a significant role in handling your vehicle and is composed of several parts. Some of those parts work in conjunction with your wheel’s alignment, which helps with tread wear. Suppose that pothole you hit every day on your way to work feels rougher than before. Or, if you can feel the bumps in the road more so than before, it may be time for suspension service. If so, visit the professionals at RMS Auto Care & Collision and let us fix those bumpy rides.

Tires Near Me

If you require tires, tire repair, wheel alignments, or even suspension repairs or services, bring your car to RMS Auto Care & Collision in Houston, TX. We do it all. Bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop that cares about you and your vehicle, and make going to the auto shop something you don’t dread doing. So give us a call today, or visit our website for an appointment and get your tires, wheels, and suspension systems in check. We also proudly serve the surrounding communities of River Oaks, Upper Kirby, Midtown, Medical Center, and Montrose.

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